Brand Construction, Inc. is please to have an association with VP Buildings – one of the nation’s leading pre-engineered steel building manufacturers. We are an authorized dealer and supplier of VP Buildings  and accessories, and as such we have access to the expertise offered by VP engineers in the design and construction of your pre-manufactured steel building.

Constructing your facility out of pre-manufactured steel reduces project development time, thereby saving you money. We utilize ‘VP Command,’ a specialized computer program linked directly to VP engineers who assist in calculating snow load weights, make design recommendations and suggestions, and who help assure that your steel building meets all design and construction codes mandated by our State and local governments.

Our in-house CAD draftsman works with our customers in the building design phase and once the customer is pleased with the appearance of their building design on computer, the detail is sent to VP to begin fabrication of your project. This instantaneous communication allows your project to begin as soon as we receive your final design approval. Within just a few short weeks, your pre-fabricated steel building arrives on your site ready to be erected. Erection of most steel building structures takes only a few short days – and then your building is enclosed and ready for the final details to be added.

Utilizing a VP pre-manufactured building allows you flexibility in your building’s design without sacrificing functionality and affordability. With your input, we can create any design from the moderate to the elaborate making the most of pre-manufactured steel. To date, we have assisted churches, schools, commercial businesses, and industrial customers in creating their desired final project utilizing pre-manufactured steel. Not only does steel building construction offer flexibility in design, functionality and affordability, it also requires very little maintenance. Another cost saving factor for you.

Our customers choose steel building construction for their projects recognizing that it is an investment that will serve their needs for many years in the future. The affordability, functionality, wide range of design possibilities, and low maintenance all add up to a quality building project they are proud to own.

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